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Membership is open to anyone over the age of 16 who lives, works or volunteers in Charlestown, Lower Kersal and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Membership Process

• Anyone wishing to apply to become a member of Inspiring Communities Together should submit a completed application form and return to the organisation as detailed on the application form.
• All applications will be considered by the Board of Trustees at their next Board meeting.
• All applications will be advised of the decision of the Trustees. If the trustees decided to refuse an application the applicant will be advised in writing of the reason for their decision. Applicants will have the opportunity to appeal and fair consideration will be given by the Trustees, but any decision to confirm refusal of the application for membership will be final.
• Membership of Inspiring Communities Together cannot be transferred to any-one else except in the case of an individual representing an organisation as outlined in the constitution.

This handbook will be reviewed on a regular basis and amendments will be made where necessary. If you would like to suggest any changes or improvements to this handbook, please contact Bernadette Elder CEO of Inspiring Communities Together

Termination of membership

• The member dies.
• The member sends notice of resignation.
• The individual owes money to the organisation and have failed to repay within six months.
• The Board of Trustees feel it is in the best interest of the organisation, and pass a resolution to that effect
Before a decision can be taken to remove a member the trustees will:
• Inform the member of the reason why.
• Give the member 21 days to make representation.
• Discuss the decision at a constituted meeting and give the member the opportunity to make representation in person at that meeting.

Membership fees

Inspiring Communities Together may require members to pay a reasonable membership fee of no more than £1.00. At this time no membership fee is payable.

Roles and responsibilities


The role of members of Inspiring Communities Together is to:
• Act as ambassadors for the organisation.
• Act as the link between the wider community and Inspiring Communities Together.
• Elect the trustees for the organisation.
• Approve the annual report presented by the trustees.
• Take an active role in the annual review of the work of Inspiring Communities Together.
• Take an active role in setting the priorities for Inspiring Communities Together


The responsibilities of members of Inspiring Communities Together is to:
• Not to communicate with the press or broadcast media or express opinions about Inspiring Communities Together on the internet, without the approval of the Chair.
• Uphold the values of Inspiring Communities Together.
• To act in the best interests of Inspiring Communities Together.
• To abide by and uphold the relevant policies of Inspiring Communities Together.
• To accept decisions that were properly made by the trustees, even if they do not agree with them or were not present when they were made.
• To keep themselves informed about the work of Inspiring Communities Together
• To declare any possible conflict of interest.

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Completed and signed application forms can be passed to a member of the staff team or returned by post or handed in at the office

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