Work outside of CHALK

We continue to build our delivery model of testing within CHALK and offering our services across Salford and beyond. Alongside funded work Inspiring Communities Together contribute to the development and delivery of person and community centred work both across Salford and nationally.

Our current programme of work includes:

Age well work

Community Assets programme

Working across Salford with older residents to develop an approach which supports older residents to connect within their own neighbourhoods, use the assets of that neighbourhood to support their own health and wellbeing and enables older residents to stay in their own homes for as long as they choose.  This approach will be tested to see if it can reduce the negative impact of loneliness and reduce demand on public services.

Funding:  The programme of work is funded through Salford City Council and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Pooled Budget (2016 – 2019)

Delivery partners: The programme of work is project managed by Inspiring Communities Together with projects delivered through a partnership of Salford CVS and Salford Community Leisure.

Tech and Tea

Tech and Tea is a 5 week low level digital skills programme delivered within neighbourhoods across Salford.  The work supports the community asset programme and is aimed at older residents.  The work measures the increase in digital skills alongside the impact on attendees wellbeing through the campaign to end loneliness measurement tool.

Funding: The programme of work is funded through Salford City Council and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group Pooled Budget (2016 – 2019).

Delivery Partners: The contract for Tech and Tea is allocated to the Salford 3rd Sector Consortium who commission Inspiring Communities Together to carry out the project management and delivery. Inspiring Communities Together work alongside other delivery partners: Corinth Training and Mad Labs to carry out the work.

Ambition for Ageing

Ambition for Ageing is a £10.2 million Greater Manchester level programme aimed at creating more age-friendly places and empowering people to live fulfilling lives as they age. In Salford the programme is delivered within three neighbourhoods: Broughton, Langworthy and Weaste and Seedley.

Funding: The programme is funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Ageing Better programme, which aims to reduce social isolation of older people.

Delivery Partners: Led by Greater Manchester Council for Voluntary Services, the five year programme is delivered by a cross-sector partnership with Local Delivery Leads (LDLs) leading on the work.  In Salford the lead partner is Age Uk Salford working with Inspiring Communities Together and Salford CVS

Active Ageing

Active Ageing is a 1 million pound Greater Manchester approach to increasing physical activity levels among inactive groups and the GM Active Ageing Hub vision to create an Age Friendly City Region. In Salford the programme will be delivered in Swinton as the neighbourhood with the highest number of older adults.

Funding: The programme is funded by Sports England as part of a programme to encourage more inactive people to be activity in line with the national recommended guidelines.

Delivery Partners: Led by Gm Sport the 2 year programme is delivered by a cross-sector partnership.  In Salford this partnership is led by Inspiring Communities Together working in partnership with Salford Community Leisure, Salford City Council (Public Health), Age Uk Salford and Salford CVS.

Live well work

Impact fund Partnership Challenge:

The Impact Fund Partnership Challenge is aimed at partnerships of up to 3 VCSE organisations operating in Salford that are able to effectively demonstrate that they can deliver outcomes against the Start Well, Live Well or Age Well priorities as set out in the Salford Locality Plan.

Funding: As part of NHS Salford CCG’s commitment under the Salford Locality Plan £1m has been allocated to the Third Sector Fund, managed by Salford CVS. Inspiring Communities Together has been awarded just over £26,000 to deliver a programme of work against the Live Well priorities.

Delivery Partners: Working in partnership with Seedley and Langworthy Trust (SALT) a programme of learning and engagement work will be delivered over the next three years across Seedley and Langworthy and Charlestown and Lower Kersal.

Wellbeing Matters

This work forms part of a broader programme of work around Person and Community Centred Approaches as part of the GM Health and Social Care Transformation programme. The creation of an overarching, VCSE led, Social Prescribing model for Salford who will recruit five member organisations to deliver the work within neighbourhoods.

Funding: Funding has been secured for the next three years through the GM Transformation Fund to test ways of working across Salford which demonstrate a positive impact of health and wellbeing against the Salford Locality Plan priorities of Start Well and Live Well.

Delivery Partners: The programme of work is overseen through Salford Population Health Board which Inspiring Communities Together is a named member. The overarching Wellbeing Matters work is led by Salford CVS and the funding to deliver the Social Prescribing model is devolved to the Salford Third Sector Consortium which Inspiring Communities Together hold the role of Treasurer on the Board.  The Consortium have recruited five anchor organisation and Inspiring Communities Together have been awarded through open completion the led for Swinton.

Thrive Trafford

Thrive delivered by Pulse Regeneration works in partnership to provide support to third sector organisations and communities in Trafford. The aim is to support Trafford Council and the Trafford Partnership to deliver their vision for a ‘thriving third sector’.

Funding: funding is allocated by Trafford Council to Pulse Regeneration to deliver a programme of work which supports the aims set out by the Trafford Partnership. Pulse Regeneration has commissioned Inspiring Communities Together to deliver the Capacity Building element of the contract.  This work includes providing business planning, governance and social value support to voluntary and social enterprise organisations working in Trafford.


Centre of Ageing Better

Steering Group member supporting the development of a network of Age Friendly Communities using the World Health Organisation Age Friendly Communities framework.


Malnutrition Task Force

As a member of the task force we are supporting the development of a programme of work with both health care professionals and Age UK Salford testing a Lunch and Learn model of raising awareness of the signs and impact of not eating well in later life along with an opportunity to share food with others through a social eating programme.

Falls programme

We are members of the falls pathway working with Health Care Professionals from Salford Royal, Salford Council (Public Health) and Salford Community Leisure to support a programme of work which will raise awareness of falls prevention messages alongside testing a pathway to support those who have had a fall secure the right support to aid recovery.

Social Value Alliance

Inspiring Communities Together is a member of the Salford Social Value Alliance and regularly shares learning on the approach used by Inspiring Communities Together to capture social value.

Charlestown Riverside

This group is currently overseeing the delivery of the Charlestown Riverside housing development alongside securing as much social value as possible from the site.

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