Work outside of CHALK

We continue to build our delivery model of testing within CHALK and offering our services across Salford and beyond. Alongside funded work Inspiring Communities Together contribute to the development and delivery of person and community centred work both across Salford and nationally.

Our current programme of work includes:

Age Friendly Salford

Tech and Tea Digital Equipment Scheme

The purpose of the Tech and Tea VCSE Digital Equipment Scheme is to provide resources to develop digital capacity within VCSE organisations working with older people. Salford recognises that during the pandemic more organisations have had to move their activities to on-line and this may be a barrier for older people and VCSE organisations to engage due to lack of digital equipment.

The scheme will provide either laptop or tablet technology up to a maximum of five pieces of equipment to enable VCSE organisations to use to support digital inclusion for older people. The equipment can be loaned to older people or used by staff and volunteers.

Technology can be a means to enable older people to renew and develop social contacts and engage actively in their communities. It can provide opportunities to: 

  • participate in meaningful work and other activities (whether paid or on a volunteer basis); 
  • interact in new ways with family and friends;
  • learn, develop skills and gather experience and share learning, skills and experience with others.


It is expected that staff and volunteers of the VCSE organisation will attend the wellbeing conversation training and that older people are sign posted to the Age Friendly Salford Tech and Tea programme if the equipment is to be loaned out to ensure they have the skills and confidence to use the equipment provided.

If you work with a VCSE organisation and you would like to apply for up to five laptops/tablets to help in your work supporting older people in Salford, please complete the application form:


Digital skills for older people

Tech and Tea is our low-level digital skills programme ensuring older people are not left behind because they are digitally excluded. Historically this programme is delivered in community settings improving older people’s skills in using technology to manage their own health and wellbeing.

During the pandemic we have moved to a virtual offer. All our virtual sessions are delivered via Zoom check out our how to zoom video

Tech and Tea at home aimed at older people with no access to digital equipment and little or no digital skills.

To register your interest in taking part in Tech and Tea At Home, please complete the short form:


Tech and Tea Online developing digital skills and addressing questions on using digital technology – open to any older person with equipment


Engagement Programme

Age Friendly Salford continues to deliver a programme of engagement activity supporting older people to develop their own skills and knowledge to look after their own health and wellbeing and provide links to information and advice on topics which are important to them.

During the pandemic we have been able to deliver a virtual programme of activity as set out below

Ready to go Focus on elements of the Ready to go booklet with expert advice and support on different topics
Brew and Chat Weekly get together with others sharing memories and conversation about a particular topic with a focus on wellbeing
Walk and talk Building confidence to go back out for exercise and exploring public green spaces across Salford

Check out our walk and talk video

Friendly Friday Friday chat is an opportunity to get together and discuss a different topic each week


If you or someone you know would like to get involved drop an e mail to and we can add you to our weekly e newsletter

Wellbeing Conversations

A key element of the Age Friendly Salford model is how the five ways to wellbeing supports our person-centred conversation.

Supported by Salford CVS we run a programme of wellbeing conversation training sessions.  Ever wondered how to start a conversation with someone about their wellbeing?

Watch our wellbeing conversation video and if you would like to have a practise and receive our wellbeing conversation handbook check out the Salford CVS website and register for the next learning session.

Volunteer Wellbeing Champions

If you are interested in supporting Age Friendly Salford as a volunteer, please watch our video and find out how you can get involved – no experience needed and we have a wide variety of opportunities available:

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing Matters

This work forms part of a broader programme of work around Person and Community Centred Approaches as part of the GM Health and Social Care Transformation programme. The creation of an overarching, VCSE led, Social Prescribing model for Salford who will recruit five member organisations to deliver the work within neighbourhoods.

Funding: Funding has been secured for the next three years through the GM Transformation Fund to test ways of working across Salford which demonstrate a positive impact of health and wellbeing against the Salford Locality Plan priorities of Start Well and Live Well.

Delivery Partners: The programme of work is overseen through Salford Population Health Board which Inspiring Communities Together is a named member. The overarching Wellbeing Matters work is led by Salford CVS and the funding to deliver the Social Prescribing model is devolved to the Salford Third Sector Consortium which Inspiring Communities Together hold the role of Treasurer on the Board.  The Consortium have recruited five anchor organisation and Inspiring Communities Together have been awarded through open completion the led for Swinton.

For more information please visit:

Stay in Touch project

Since July 2020 Inspiring Communities Together has been supporting the Spirit of Salford (SoS) helpline by providing the Stay in Touch ‘chat and check’ calls.

The provision was initially set up with Salford Clinical Commissioning Group to support socially isolated and lonely residents during the coronavirus crisis. The referral route was via the SoS Helpline through a self-referral or a 3rd party referral (friend, relative, professional). Once staff needed to return to their day roles it was identified that there was still a need to this provision and as the majority of calls were from older people Inspiring Communities Together agreed to act as the referral route.

We now make over 60 calls a week and this number continues to grow. We have developed a wellbeing group which meets virtually once a week aimed at younger adults as we continue to see more referrals form the younger age group.


For more information, please visit:

Malnutrition Task Force

As a member of the task force we are supporting the development of a programme of work with both health care professionals and Age UK Salford testing a Lunch and Learn model of raising awareness of the signs and impact of not eating well in later life along with an opportunity to share food with others through a social eating programme.

For more information, please visit:

Inspiring Housing

During 2020 the Board of Trustees agreed to develop a community led housing model.  Inspiring Housing has been set up as an independent Community Land Trust to provide affordable rental accommodation for the residents of Salford.

In 2021 following a merger with Seedley and Langworthy Trust Inspiring Housing now own five properties.

Work is taking place with:

  • Salford City Council to build 62 homes on a site in Weaste. Inspiring Housing will take ownership of 23 of these homes.
  • Salix Homes as part of their development of Kara Street in Langworthy, Inspiring Housing will be allocated five properties

For further information about our community led housing model contact

Thrive Trafford

Thrive delivered by Pulse Regeneration works in partnership to provide support to third sector organisations and communities in Trafford. The aim is to support Trafford Council and the Trafford Partnership to deliver their vision for a ‘thriving third sector’.

Funding: funding is allocated by Trafford Council to Pulse Regeneration to deliver a programme of work which supports the aims set out by the Trafford Partnership. Pulse Regeneration has commissioned Inspiring Communities Together to deliver the Capacity Building element of the contract.  This work includes providing business planning, governance and social value support to voluntary and social enterprise organisations working in Trafford.


For more information please visit:

Previous work streams

Community Assets Programme (2016 – 2019)

Ambition for Ageing (2016- 2020)

Active Ageing (2018 – 2020)

Impact Fund Partnership Challenge (2018 – 2020)

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