Inspiring Communities Together is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) operating in Charlestown and Lower Kersal. The Organisation operates as a community anchor for the neighbourhood alongside delivery of services across Salford and beyond. Inspiring Communities Together has office and delivery space within the Innovation Forum.

Board of Trustees

Mike Duddy

Lynne Marsland
Vice Chair

Ruth Potts

James Eagle

Ann-Marie Pickup MBE

Gerry Stone

James Kariuki

Jane Hamilton

Management Team

Bernadette Elder

Antonia Dunn
Operations & Development Manager

Nadine Murray
Childcare Manager

Start Well Team

Dawn Moore
Childcare Worker

Janine Wallis
Childcare Worker

Natalie Burgin
Childcare Worker

Claire Clayton
Childcare Worker

Gill Green
Room setting manager

Live Well Team

Lynn Holden
Development worker (neighbourhoods)

Joanne Inglis
Development Worker (food matters)

Tina Tudor
Development Worker (IAG)

Nicola Johns
Project Assistant

Rita Kershaw
Project Assistant

Age Well Team

Andrea Whelan
Development Worker (older people)

Lisa Berry
Development Worker (active ageing)

Nicola O'Neill
Community Connector (Swinton)

Sam Smith
Development Worker (Irwell Urban Oasis)

Sean Massey
Project Assistant

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