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Yogurt Pots Activities to do at Home

by Antonia Dunn on June 22, 2020

During lockdown, our childcare team are producing simple activities to do at home with children aged 2-4 years.  The activities can be found below:

Activity 1 (Water play)

Activity 2 (More Water play)

Activity 3 (Shoe laces)

Activity 4 (Secret letters)

Activity 5 (Growing Beans)

Activity 6 (Mixing Colours in a Bag)

Activity 7 (Cloud dough)

Activity 8 (Counting with paint)

Activity 9 (Rainbow Walking Water Experiment)

Activity 10 (Know your shapes)

Activity 11 (Sensory play with gloop)

Activity 12 (Banana penguins)

Activity 13 (Letter biscuits)

Activity 14 (Ice painting)

Activity 15 (Fruit and veg tasting)

Activity 16 ( Butterfly printing )

Activity 17 (Mark making and letter writing)

Activity 18 (Letter rescue)

Activity 19 (Fruit & donut skewers)

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