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The Power of Ten

by Bernadette Elder on March 31, 2021

"Without the support and commitment of so many, we would not have achieved so much and we look forward to sharing our collective achievements throughout our tenth year of operation."

Today, Inspiring Communities Together celebrates ten years since the end of the New Deal for Communities Regeneration Programme and the start of our new journey as a successor vehicle working with the local community to build on and continue the good work achieved.
We have seen many changes and improvements over the past ten years with new housing, an urban wetland and a variety of activities which continue to support and connect local people to the place they call home.
Over the next year we will celebrate with you some of the achievements made and share quotes and stories from those who have been involved.
We would like to start our year of celebration by thanking our amazing Board of Trustees both past and present for their belief that together we could continue to make change happen, our staff team many of who are themselves local residents and of course all of you who have connected with us.
Finally, thank you to our many funders who have through their investments in us enabled our delivery of activities to happen.

Image Credit: Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

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