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“We’ll use the findings to continue to improve our digital offering and also feed it into a number of key projects that are underway." Salford City Council

by Danielle Wright on March 28, 2022

During September last year, we supported Salford City Council’s ‘What matters to you?’ public consultation. The consultation, aimed to summarise Salford residents priorities as part of forming budget proposals for 2022, due to further financial year cuts in the next two years. Following the consultation, the IT department contacted us to ask if we had any more information on comments made about the Councils ‘Report-it system’, as this was a highlighted priority for Salford residents.

Our two (Kickstart) environmental assistants, Ellie and Abee, worked with Salford City Council’s IT and marketing departments to create an online survey, which was distributed for two weeks in February, gaining 169 responses from local residents.

Key findings: 

  • 70% of respondents had heard of the ‘Report It’ system before
  • 80% of respondents reported that they felt confident using the ‘Report It’ system
  • Survey analysis identified that there is a demand for better feedback when reports are submitted and a limited awareness that residents can also use @SalfordCCHelp to report issues via Twitter
  • Survey respondents provided comments about how the current system operates and suggested improvements they’d like to see including auto-filled details, changes to the system including categorisations and mapping which would improve ease of reporting, experiences with technical issues and feedback suggestions.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback and complete the Report It Survey! 

We know that getting the views of local people is extremely important and we want to make sure that these views are listened to and acted upon. 

The feedback from the Report It Survey has now been analysed and will help Salford City Council to improve the way services are delivered in the future. Salford City Council are now looking at ways to make improvements based on the results and recommendations. 

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