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Park on a Page

by Abi Collier on May 31, 2022

As the “Let’s Walk” GM Walking Festival 2022 draws to a close we want to encourage people to keep walking.

Walking is a fantastic leisure activity – it’s free, doesn’t require any equipment beyond comfortable walking shoes and is suitable for everyone. And did you also know that walking in nature is also good for you – mentally and physically?

We’ve created five walks, all with interesting facts about the local area, and you can download the maps for free here.

Peel Park

Kersal Wetlands

Buile Hill Park

Albert Park

History Walk

Go on your own to enjoy the trees and wildlife or use it as a time to catch up with family or friends.

Choose a walk to explore somewhere new or make it part of your regular routine to become more active.

Share photos of your walks using the hashtag #salfordparkonapage

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